560 years since Leonardo da Vinci was born. SCRIPT – POINTS OF VIEW

«I love humane voice.
Solitary humane voice,
Worn out with love and raised over sinister ground…»

Federico García Lorca

On the 19th of April, 2012, old and new friends came together at METAMORPHOSES OF STYLE exhibition in the House of the Russian Abroad to discuss creatively the theme of «Script – Points of View».

Margarita Siourina. Clos-Lucé.Leonardo

In the first place we’ve been recollecting and discussing Leonardo da Vinci, whose 560th birthday (April 15) was right on Orthodox Eastertide – holy day of Resurrection.

We’ve been speaking about the SCRIPT of LEONARDO himself – the most striking example in the world history of Art, when the fruit of a single genius saturate mankind to this day.

We’ve been speaking about LEFT-HANDERS’ HANDWRITING– a semi-closed subject even now.

Margarita Siourina. Doctor Lil’a, Marrow and Lemon
"Doctor Lil’a, Marrow and Lemon"
Margarita Siourina. Кто подобен зверю сему?
Self-portrait against the Window

We’ve been speaking also about an ARTIST’s STYLE in the modern world – about one’s ability to oppose by one’s lone nightingale song to aggressive mass consciousness of businessmen-propagandists thriving on ‘art’.

Do you remember how Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin put it:

You are the King: so live alone there. Your way is free;
Let you be carried far by your unbound mind
Insistently improving fruit of cared thought and time,
Requiring not, demanding not award for noble deed.

They are within yourself. You are
                                               the highest court;
Severely you judge your labour done and

Margarita Siourina. A.I. Solzhenitsyn
A.I. Solzhenitsyn

To everyone’s surprise, the theme seemed so interesting that we decided to meet again soon.

We haven’t said, haven’t discussed everything, and we are going to say a lot; for example about amazing matching of the project theme to the main plot and symbols of the immortal novel by Mikhail Bugakov, you be the judge:

…The Levite fumbled in his shirt-front and pulled out a roll of parchment. Pilate took it, unrolled it, spread it out in the light of two candles and with a frown began to study the barely decipherable script. The uneven strokes were hard to understand and Pilate frowned and bent over the parchment, tracing the lines with his finger. He nevertheless managed to discern that the writings were a disjointed sequence of sayings, dates, household notes and snatches of poetry. Pilate managed to read: 'there is no death…

Margarita Siourina. Hail! Mary, Mother of God
Hail! Mary, Mother of God