Margarita Siourina "A LETTER FROM PARIS"

Some God-forgotten cities make
A dwelling place for my good friends.
On stone bridges, here I am
Admiring how reflections tremble.

In God-forgotten towns of dream
We’d been so passionate, so strong!
While here, on a magic fairy-tale stream,
What can I do? but float along…

The God-forgotten distant towns…
There my good friends now stay and live…
I’m here,… through gardens trimmed and proud,
I’m rambling to where I shouldn’t be…

Champs-Élysées… With every step
I’m counting minutes of my time;
In my disordered thoughts I’m back
To God-forgotten fading chime.

I’ve left behind parts of my love
In a God-forgotten remote place,
And bulked on a child’s tender palm
The seconds throb – my better days.

October 2, 1995, Paris
Margarita Siourina