Margarita Siourina "SAXOPHONIST"

Embankment was deserted, bleak and narrow,
When people’s hearts and misty air were pierced
With melody of sax, a Cupid’s arrow,
A saxophonist’s desperation fierce –

The shadowy contours of those loving
Were trembling in the web of street and alley,
Their breath was merging over water running,
Below the bridges ever dim and heavy –

Plane trees were shivering with their maidenly bodies
And bathing branches in queer reflections,
A lonely sulky person in his forties
Was pondering gloomily over missed projections –

There’s mist and dusk; the time is gone forever…
Through foggy alleys, through the plane trees’ tears
Who brought them back, the memories and years, –
The saxophonist, desperate and fierce…

28.01.1993, Paris
Margarita Siourina