Margarita Siourina "ANTICIPATION"

Like Phoenix getting up from coal-red ashes,
Like Gamayoun, a bird proclaiming hope,
Like rays of sun through branches shining shyly,
Like autumn leaf still clinging on alone,

Against a rose, an oleander looks faded,
Like Minotaur, a glimpse before encounter,
And like Theseus, his long dark mazes ended –
I’m facing You, awed at Your love and power.

Like Aragorn opposing hordes of Mordor,
Like Uriel with burning sword so deadly,
An Ancient Greek, with blind eyes, proud and honoured,
You’re gazing sternly, anxiously, intently.

Like fragrance shared with dawn by tiny blossom,
Like Seven Last Words as revealed by Haydn,
Like melody that sounds in a sonnet,
The Blessed Manna will be given kindly.

Like Alpha as the first love and shy motion,
Like Omega as all that’s coming later,
Like mantle falling over frail shoulders,
Like autumn, lavish gold and purple draper, –

It’s all within; our life is flying birdlike,
It’s all our pain, it’s streaming, soaring skyward
To shower a song from thundercloud wildly,
A new song, by Your mighty will inspired.

April 26, 2011, Moscow
Margarita Siourina

Photo and rendering: Margarita Siourina
Photo and rendering: Margarita Siourina