Margarita Siourina "TRINITY SUNDAY"


Green June to start the summer soft days,
A bench beneath the branchy limes,
The lavish, shining fest of goodness
The Holy Trinity of Thine!

Oh God the Father! Make them longer –
The days so blossoming and trim!
Endow us with patience golden
To hold the race of thoughts and whims…

Oh God the Son, oh Christ the Saviour!!
Forgive… absolve, absolve, absolve!!
Do kindly make us strong and faithful
To bear the Cross with heart and soul…

Oh Holy Spirit!!! Under your wings
Give us the light, give us the need
In spite of worldly common clinging,
To serve, to serve in word and deed.

Take this, my God. It’s by your Power
That dreams and wishes get fulfilled.
I’m asking for the land around me
From all the people strength and will.

Thy wholeness makes us united,
Invincible, kind, true, enlightened.

Past sweat and blood, stand high above.
If you find Christ so you find love!

May 22, 2013, Moscow,
Margarita Siourina

Photo and rendering: Margarita Siourina
Photo and rendering: Margarita Siourina