Art project "derevJA"

Art project 'derevJA'

Art project DEREVJA ("Trees"),  2002

Arts Gallery affiliated to the Fyodor Shalyapin Memorial Museum,
the Skryabin Memorial Museum

“The Project is a system of parallels in contemporary art: the theme of overcoming external dualism of Earth and Heaven where the trees fall as a bridge between these to assert internal unity of the world. «When you draw a tree, you should feel it growing», said Sou Shee. When you meet an artist, you should realise how each one is similar to a tree: same ‘roots of traditions’ and ‘internal growth’, and ‘recognising by their fruit’. TREES are participants of the Project”

Margarita Siourina

Art project 'derevJA'
A major group exhibition of Art Project DEREVJA was held in the Arts gallery affiliated to the Fyodor Shalyapin Memorial Museumin February 2002; it brought together a number of artists whose styles were basically different.

Project participants presented their works in smaller halls of the ground floor of the Gallery:

  • Vladimir Agranat (painting, photography),
  • Marina Zvyaguintseva (monotypy),
  • Liudmila Severina (painting),
  • Yelena Stroyeva (painting, photography),
  • Margarita Siourina (painting, photography).

Art project 'derevJA'

Author of the Concept and Project Coordinator: Margarita Siourina, layout drawing of the project logo and of exhibition posters: YelenaStroyeva. On the proposal of Director of the Arts gallery affiliated to the Fyodor Shalyapin Memorial Museum Aleksey Borisovich Vasilkov, the exhibition was extended to the end of March 2002.


In April 2002, Art Project DEREVJA presented the second group exhibition in the Concert Hall of the Skryabin Memorial Museum.


Project participants:

  • Tatiana Bouravikhina (painting),
  • Marianna Misiouk (computer graphics),
  • Yelena Stroyeva (painting, photography), 
  • Anna Sudakova (painting),
  • Margarita Siourina (painting, photography).

Art project 'derevJA'

Margarita Siourina is grateful to all the project participants for understanding the concept on their personal level.


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