Christmas carols for adults

«The type of my character is in fact philosophical, my organism is still rather sound and in spite of poignant diseases coming one after another – rheumatism, bronchites, my stomach, finally my heart! – I am still not feeble either with my body or with my intellect On the other hand, I do not need anything you know but kind care and good nursing, for which I always thank you…»

Paul Marie Verlaine
«Mes hôpitaux»

Oh yes, I’m still in my right mind and in so far good memory. That is why my determination to present my Christmas Carols for Adults at my personal web site is more my conscious need than a thoughtless whim. Well, let some be extremely unhappy and some be absolutely indifferent, but I accept this for I see – here I am so take me a matter of course. On the other hand, I need nothing indeed…

Margarita Siourina
January 2012