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  • Natella Voiskounski "METAMORPHOSES OF SPIRIT"
    Undoubtedly, the graphics exhibition of Margarita Siourina whose artistic works presented earlier are familiar to friends and visitors of the Marina Tsvetaeva Memorial Museum shall expand the boundaries of the former impressions produced by the Artist’s works.
  • N. Voiskounski "LEONARDO’S SCRIPT"
    Exhibition of graphic works by Margarita Siourina LEONARDO’S SCRIPT can be considered as a sequel of her painting series STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN in reverse, ‘vertical’ reading, that is from the top down.
  • N. Voiskounski "Margarita Siourina. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN"
    Exhibition of paintings and drawings by Margarita Siourina STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN borrowed its name from the known song by Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven”. Semantically, denotation of the word ‘Stairway’ in English is ‘stairs, steps’ without handrail, without support. Thus, the Artist designates her exposition as an attempt to ascend, and offers the audience to estimate if the author succeeded to meet the challenge she had issued for herself…