Undoubtedly, the graphics exhibition of Margarita Siourina whose artistic works presented earlier are familiar to friends and visitors of the Marina Tsvetaeva Memorial Museum shall expand the boundaries of the former impressions produced by the Artist’s works.

Margarita Siourina. METAMORPHOSES OF SPIRIT exhibition
Margarita Siourina. METAMORPHOSES OF SPIRIT exhibition

METAMORPHOSES OF SPIRIT exhibition (although seemingly pompous in the wording) opening on the 30th of July on both the Poet’s and the Artist’s Saint Day is a tribute of genuine admiration for and worship of the Genius of Marina Tsvetaeva, her spiritual and creative acme still exciting and kindling peoples’ hearts.

Both the chosen graphic techniques of the Artist’s self-expression, and the conceptual constituent (interplay of lines with lines, of images with images revealed through mirror reflections) are also organic. It is the play with a looking glass – dominant in the exhibition hall – that seems more than natural, especially when we turn to poetic metaphors of Marina Tsvetaeva.

The two seraphical muzzles,
Two pitch black circles
Charred dead of frozen mirror’s ice…

And if the Poet was questioning:

I’d like to ask the looking glass
Through dreamy cloudiness
To know of your misty path
And where you haven is…

…then the Artist in her LEONARDO’S SCRIPT Project (of which this exhibition is a fragment or a segment) is seeking to define her way through an appeal to the great Leonardo’s techniques… But neither a poet nor an artist of genius shall give a definite answer, for as Marina Tsvetaeva put it:

The lofty hall is getting dark
The mirrors are stepping inside…

And in solitude, the Artist keeps addressing the mirror, creating her self-portrait but actually getting to grips with herself again and again: struggling for herself, for her way and for her place in Arts.

Natella Voiskounski
Art Director of the ASTI Gallery